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November 2005

A community for mothers with due dates in November
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This is a community for mothers (and fathers) who are expecting a baby (or babies) in November of 2005. You are welcome to post anything you want about your pregnancy, or pregnancy in general. Questions, articles, tips and suggestions, pictures, doctor updates, etc are all welcome - encouraged even!

I do hope that this community will gain in numbers soon. It is such an exciting wonderful time and it would be nice to meet others who are expecting at the same time so we can go through this together and have discussions and just get to know one another and share our experiences and knowledge and concerns.

Some questions you may want to answer as an introduction post to the community (though it is not a requirement):

1. Name:
2. Due Date:
3: Is this a single, twins, triplets, etc:
4. How old are you?:
5. Do you have any other children? (if so, age and boy/girl?):
6. Do you know the sex, or want to know?:
7. Do you have names picked out, and if so would you like to share?:
8. Was this a planned pregnancy or a surprise?:

And I guess some guidelines should be stated, though I do hope that this community will not need to be regulated as others are. But for general purposes:

1.Because this is a community for pregnant women, there may be some who are having difficulties with things such as quitting smoking, drinking, other drugs. I ask that if any of these subjects are brought up that members be supportive of these mothers/fathers as they work through their addictions and look for help.

2. If you suspect a troll, please let me know and I will investigate. If there is someone harrassing you through this community I will deal with it by banning the person(s). All members should be respectful of one another.

3. Pictures are encouraged in this community - sonograms, 3D and 4D images, pictures of your ever-growing belly, etc. But I've seen warnings in other communities of pictures of sexual nature popping up and it would be nice to avoid such things.

4. You are welcome to advertise for other communities as long as they have something to do with pregnancy, conception, preconception, or after the birth of the child but still related to parenting, etc.

5. Enjoy your next few months! It's a very precious special time. Congratulations once again!